Mission and Vision


Our Mission is to empower the rural poor communities to effective participate in their social economic development initiatives.

Our Vision is to be a result oriented organisation with a self reliant community.


Image holderSelf-Respect and Respect for others:

We believe that all human beings have an inherent value and potential that could be harnessed for their own development. We work with the economically poor and marginalized groups in society to harness their potential for development.

Team work and commitment:

Poverty and all other social problems among our communities can only be solved by team work and collaboration. Our engagement with communities, other organization, staff and supporters underpins our success in service delivery as a committed team.


Image holderTrustworthiness and accountability:

We believe that we should be transparent, honest and responsive to those we serve and those who support us.

God fearing:

We believe that there is a spiritual being who guides us in whatever we do and we trust everything in his hands.